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1 a baby bed with sides and rockers
2 where something originated or was nurtured in its early existence; "the birthplace of civilization" [syn: birthplace, place of origin, provenance]
3 birth of a person; "he was taught from the cradle never to cry"
4 a trough on rockers used by gold miners to shake earth in water in order to separate the gold [syn: rocker]


1 hold gently and carefully; "He cradles the child in his arms"
2 bring up from infancy
3 hold or place in or as if in a cradle; "He cradled the infant in his arms"
4 cut grain with a cradle scythe
5 wash in a cradle; "cradle gold"
6 run with the stick

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From cradol.


  • , /ˈkreɪdəl/, /"kreId@l/
  • Rhymes with: -eɪdəl


  1. A bed or cot for a baby, oscillating on rockers or swinging on pivots.
  2. In the context of "figurative": The place of origin, or in which anything is nurtured or protected in the earlier period of existence.
    • a cradle of crime
    • the cradle of liberty
  3. In the context of "figurative": Infancy, or very early life.
    • from the cradle to the grave
  4. An implement consisting of a broad scythe for cutting grain, with a set of long fingers parallel to the scythe, designed to receive the grain, and to lay it evenly in a swath.
  5. A tool used in mezzotint engraving, which, by a rocking motion, raises burrs on the surface of the plate, so preparing the ground.
  6. A framework of timbers, or iron bars, moving upon ways or rollers, used to support, lift, or carry ships or other vessels, heavy guns, etc., as up an inclined plane, or across a strip of land, or in launching a ship.
  7. A case for a broken or dislocated limb.
  8. A frame to keep the bedclothes from contact with the sensitive parts of an injured person.
  9. A machine on rockers, used in washing out auriferous earth.
  10. A suspended scaffold used in shafts.
  11. A ribbing for vaulted ceilings and arches intended to be covered with plaster.
  12. A basket or apparatus in which, when a line has been made fast to a wrecked ship from the shore, the people are brought off from the wreck.
    The cradle was ill-made. One victim fell into the sea and was lost and the ensuing delay cost three more lives.
  13. A rest for the receiver of a telephone.
    He slammed the handset into the cradle.


oscillating bed for a baby
  • Breton: kavell
  • Catalan: bressol
  • Czech: kolébka
  • Danish: vugge
  • Dutch: wieg
  • Esperanto: lulilo
  • Finnish: kehto
  • French: berceau
  • German: Wiege
  • Greek: κούνια
  • Hebrew: עריסה ('arisa)
  • Hungarian: bölcső
  • Icelandic: vagga
  • Italian: culla
  • Japanese: 揺りかご(ゆりかご, yurikago)
  • Portuguese: berço
  • Spanish: cuna
  • Serbian: kolevka, ljuljka
  • Swedish: vagga
figuratively: place of origin
  • Dutch: wieg
  • Finnish: kehto
  • Japanese: 発祥(はっしょうち, hasshōchi)
  • Hebrew: ערש ('eres) - place of origin of noble ideas or ethnic groups (in nationalistic terminology)
figuratively: infancy, or very early life
  • Dutch: wieg
  • Finnish: kehto
  • Serbian: kolevka
implement for cutting grain
tool used in mezzotint engraving
framework used to support, lift, or carry ships or other vessels, heavy guns, etc.
  • Finnish: alusta, lavetti
case for a broken or dislocated limb
  • Dutch: armsteun, houder, steun
  • Finnish: lasta
frame to keep the bedclothes from contact with the person
machine used in washing out auriferous earth
suspended scaffold used in shafts
ribbing for vaulted ceilings and arches
basket or apparatus in which people are brought off from a wreck
  • Finnish: pelastustuoli
rest for the receiver of a telephone
  • Dutch: haak
  • Finnish: kannatin
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  1. To contain in or as if in a cradle.
  2. To rock (a baby to sleep).
  3. To wrap protectively.
    • cradling the injured man’s head in her arms
  4. To rock the lacrosse stick back and forth in order to keep the ball in the head by means of centrifugal force.


contain in or as if in a cradle
  • Dutch: omsluiten, omvatten
  • Dutch: wiegen
  • Finnish: keinuttaa, liekuttaa, tuudittaa
  • Hebrew: לנענע (lena'anea)
wrap protectively
  • Dutch: omhullen, omsluiten
lacrosse: to rock the lacrosse stick back and forth

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A cradle (also called a bassinet, crib and stock ) is a small bed, often on rockers, in which babies and small children sleep.
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Colonial bed, Hollywood bed, Vaterland, afford support, appease, babyhood, back, back up, bassinet, bear, bear up, bed, bed-davenport, beginnings, berth, birth, birthplace, bolster, bolster up, brace, breeding place, brooder, bunk, bunk bed, buoy up, buttress, calm, calm down, camp bed, care for, carry, cherish, childhood, clarifier, coddle, colander, compose, cool, cosset, cot, crib, cribble, crutch, cultivate, cushion, day bed, door bed, double bed, double bunk, dry-nurse, dulcify, duplex bed, ease, even out, fatherland, feather bed, feed, filter, fold-away bed, fondle, forcing bed, foster, four-poster, freshman year, genesis, gentle, give support, hammock, hatchery, hold, hold up, home, homeground, homeland, hospital bed, hotbed, hush, inception, inchoation, incipience, incipiency, incubator, incunabula, infancy, keep afloat, keep up, king-size bed, la patrie, lavish care on, lend support, lixiviator, lower berth, lull, mainstay, maintain, mollify, mother, mother country, motherland, my Angel-infancy, nascence, nascency, native land, native soil, nativity, nest, nestle, nidus, nourish, nurse, nursery, nurture, origin, origination, pacify, pallet, pamper, panel bed, parturition, patria, percolator, pillow, pipe berth, poster bed, pour balm into, pregnancy, prop, purifier, put to bed, quarter berth, queen-size bed, quell, quiet, refiner, refinery, reinforce, rest, riddle, rock, rock to sleep, rocker, roll-away bed, rookery, screen, shore, shore up, shoulder, sieve, sifter, single bed, smooth, smooth down, smooth over, smoothen, sofa-bed, soothe, spoon-feed, stabilize, stay, steady, still, strainer, subdue, subsidize, subvention, suckle, support, sustain, tester bed, the nursery, the old country, three-quarter bed, tranquilize, truckle bed, trundle bed, tuck in, underbrace, undergird, underlie, underpin, underset, upbear, uphold, upkeep, wet-nurse, winnow, winnowing basket, winnowing fan, winnowing machine, youth
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